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BAVL is a crowdsourcing platform for language data solutions.

Through our platform, we collect, annotate, and standardize language data required by various research institutes and industries without restrictions on the type of text and voice data that are needed. Our process turns your information into opportunities.

Language data of infinite value

Language data collected through BAVL can power chatbots with greater empathy, safer self-driving cars, and AI translators that break down language barriers. We cater to industries of the future, creating opportunities of infinite value.

Sophisticated language data through metadata management

BAVL can set metadata, such as speaker information, subject matter, and style, to build more sophisticated and accurate language data. From business terminologies and expertise to everyday conversations, we can create the foundation for the research, decision-making, and groundbreaking efforts of various industries.

Safe and legal

We encounter a lot of language data online with inconspicuous permission restrictions and violations. We at BAVL prioritize professionalism and legality in language data collection and management.

There is no limit to the types of data BAVL can collect.

With less than a year of operation, BAVL has already collected 15 million words and 3,000 hours of audio recording data on business topics for government and corporate entities.

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Fast and accurate

Work is categorized the way you want, with our crowdsourced workers adding to your project in real time. They can simply tap the topic they want to contribute to and start from there. All crowdsourced workers are vetted to match the qualifications you set. This enables accurate and fast collection of all forms of language data, from text to speech.

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Rich and natural

Crowdsourced workers can work by themselves or in groups, depending on your requirements. This allows the collection of linguistic exchanges and interactive language data with richer and more natural expressions.

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Flexible and adaptable

BAVL adapts to your needs for any language, written or spoken, and any subject matter. We create a strategic plan for any project to ensure your expectations are exceeded.

Building language datasets to power the future of human communication

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Platform for crowdsourcing natural language data, BAVL

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