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Hyperlation by Lexcode

Going beyond the limits of traditional translation methods, Hyperlation blends the accuracy of human-powered English to Korean and Korean to English translation with the efficiency of AI to provide timelier and more reliable contextual results—through augmented intelligence.

Create new opportunities through co-prosperity, not exclusion.

We still hold onto the idea that human translation is the best way to convey the nuances and subtleties of any language, but imagine pairing that with the power and efficiency of AI in handling large amounts of data. Hyperlation recognizes that AI should not replace human intelligence, but augment it. Our human-centered AI approach starts with AI translation and ends in the hands of editors with proven linguistic expertise.

Hyperlation’s three-tiered model

LEX-Cloud Enterprise

An all-in-one dashboard for workflow management that defines all development stages of a project, including glossary implementation and template-based automation, with ease

Customizable AI

An AI-hybrid engine crafted using millions of language data points generated and refined by Lexcode with its 20 years of localization experience


Lexcode enriches standard translation memory and term base references with the use of memoQ, which is reinforced by the company’s massive databases and managed by editors and linguists

What kind of document do you want to translate?

☐ Correspondence

☐ Reports

☐ Manuals and Guidelines

☐ Contracts and Legal Documents

☐ Subject categories: Humanities, Economics, Environmental Studies, Current Affairs, IT, Machinery, Management, Education, Construction, Politics, Trade, and Media

We know the right service for you

The ATPE Process

“ATPE” stands for our exclusive “AI Translation and PostEditing” process. Not only does our version of machine translation feed on the translation memory Lexcode has built with decades of localization experience, it’s also reviewed by human posteditors to ensure a natural tone and contextual relevance.

Step 1: Data determination

We don’t recommend all kinds of documents to undergo ATPE, and we’re very transparent with this. From the get-go, you’ll get professional advice on how to go about your content, depending on its subject matter and format. Upon expert-led assessment, you’ll receive a confirmation message from our project managers.

Step 2: Translation with AI

Using a machine learning translation model driven by specialized linguistic experts in Lexcode, we process your document using multiple data sources.

Step 3: Translation data application

Each customer that translates with Hyperlation gets to build their own translation memory as well, and we do this for you. As we work on more projects together, the better the quality of your customized translation memory becomes. The more, the merrier!

Step 4: Quality review by humans

We offer a full postedit to ensure that the translation is of high quality. This includes checking the following:
Grammar and syntax / Word choice / Spelling and punctuation / Formatting / Adherence to your instructions / Potential translation errors

With Hyperlation, enjoy fast and accurate translation!



Human Translation


Hyperlation = Human



Hyperlation > Human


Hyperlation < Human


20% savings





*Comparison of time between Hyperlation and our general translation service

Create new opportunities beyond the physical limits of time and cost.
98% accuracy, 1/3 shortened turnaround, 20% savings—all with Hyperlation.

Try Hyperlation for yourself—It’s on us!

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BBB는 국가적 감염병 위기 대응을 위해 기초연구를 수행하는 국가 전략 연구거점입니다. 본 연구소를 통해 바이러스의 실체와 인체의 면역체계에 관한 연구능력과 연구자를 보유하고자 합니다. BBB의 비전에 맞추어 바이러스 관련 새로운 기초과학적 발견과 지식의 축적에 연구력을 집중하며, 동시에 국가 전체의 바이러스 연구 네트워크의 중심 역할을 할 것입니다.

BBB is a national strategic research center that conducts critical studies to respond to the national infectious disease crisis. The institute engages researchers and develops research capabilities in virus and human immune system subjects. In line with BBB’s vision, we will focus our research on new virus-related fundamental breakthroughs and the accumulation of knowledge, while simultaneously playing a central role in virus research networks across the country.

Human Translation


BBB plays a key role in responding to the infectious disease crisis through national strategic research. We aim to engage researchers and develop their research ability in viruses and the human immune system. Our focus is on accumulating new fundamental scientific breakthroughs and knowledge related to viruses, playing an essential role in the national network of virus research.


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