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All interpreters, one platform

eQQui, launched as an independent interpretation entity by Lexcode,
is Korea’s largest interpreter platform, with 15,000 interpreters from 140 countries.
Break down language barriers with the eQQui community and create global business opportunities.

Find the best interpreters at eQQui faster and smarter.

Our mission, which began with the challenge of dismantling the world's language barriers, has produced the world's largest global interpretation platform with 15,000 registered interpreters from 140 countries worldwide.

From global events such as international summits, conferences, symposiums, and forums to business meetings with overseas buyers and partners, the eQQui community is made up of interpreters who can meet a variety of language and expertise requirements.

Last year alone, eQQui has served around 400 export consultations and more than 200 international conferences made possible with our 10,000 interpreters.

Zero friction with eQQui

No pay-to-access featuresView all profiles and reviews for free, with no premium membership.

No costly agency feesSave money by paying only for interpreter fees.

No surprise limitsNo search limits or gimmicks when looking for an interpreter.

eQQui has the perfect interpreter for your project

When you need interpretation, choose a versatile eQQui interpreter.

eQQui Proz

Precision for large-scale events

Your group of professionals ready for simultaneous interpretation (whispered or in booths) can work as multilingual emcees for international conferences, summits, seminars, and more.

eQQui Biz

Readiness for global business meetings

Your business partner interpreters ready to assist you in speaking confidently in your native language while getting your points across in the target language.

eQQui Friendz

Flexibility without miscommunication

Your new friendly group of interpreters who can communicate in the languages of the places you visit, allowing you to travel and relate to locals with ease.

There are over 15,000 interpreters working.

Get the quickest and smartest way to find the best interpreters wherever you go, for half an agency’s price.

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Trade show management platform,

BIS@T is a web app accessible from any Internet-connected device and any browser. It adds convenience to every step of trade show management, making everything faster and smoother.

Buyer Status

Get real-time updates on your buyer’s status from airport arrivals to hotel check-ins.


Share and monitor the status of meetings and gather detailed schedule and interpreter information—all with ease.


Check performance data and records updated in real time as interpreters submit meeting logs.


Review trade show data and statistics processed immediately after the event.

Improve productivity at a fraction of the time and cost


With BIS@T

Without BIS@T

Airport / hotel / trade show monitoring

Updated in real time

Done manually

Fieldwork staff

Up to 10 people

Minimum of 20 people

Performance monitoring staff

Up to 5 people

Minimum of 10 people

Online trade show management

Allows real-time monitoring

Done manually

Buyer status

Real-time monitoring

Messages, phone calls, etc.

Real-time matching

Allows immediate responses

Labor-intensive, manual process

Labor-intensive, manual process

Allows real-time analytics and additions

Hours after the event is complete

Pen-and-paper system

No need

100+ set purchase and preset

Ready to give BIS@T a try?

BIS@T has demonstrated proven effectiveness in making trade show management simple and convenient.

BIS@T Website >

Interpretation and trade show quotation platform,

Stuck in a rut trying to prepare for an interpretation and trade show?
Know your project’s overall process and operation at a glance, and get an estimate right away with MOST-Online.

From trade shows to simultaneous, consecutive, VIP, or MC interpretation events, you can check estimates in real time and effectively manage your work.

Choose the type of service you want, fill in the information, and get an estimate.

Choose the type of service you want, fill in the information, and get an estimate.


With MOST-Online

Without MOST-Online

Event planning / quotation request

Viewed via web, tablet, or mobile

Done with face-to-face meetings / phone calls

Your expertise

Can be low

Must be high

Average work time

1 hour or less

3-5 days

Immediate Cost Check by Task

Allows real-time monitoring

Labor-intensive process

Modify the scope of work and reflect changes

Immediate and convenient

Complexity and difficulty




For your interpretation events and trade shows, MOST-Online

Plan the interpretation service you need and get an estimate immediately!

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