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Language is not a barrier, but an opportunity

We break down language barriers to turn them into opportunities, without much effort from your end.
With, LEX-Cloud, translation is made possible and easy in just a few clicks.

Reimagine translation requests with LEX-Cloud

You can request for translation with a few clicks, receive a quotation in minutes rather than hours, and get your translated file within a fast turnaround.

No phone calls and emails needed

Save up to 80% of your business hours by completing your translation without the hassle of waiting for a call or an email.

No order is too small

Regardless of the size of your order, you’ll receive excellent client service. Our project managers will treat any project with the same level of care.

No hidden fees and bill shocks

Pay only for what you’ve ordered. No more; no less. You will not be surprised with add-ons that you didn’t request.

Translated documents, organized and secure

Keep all project files and access them from anywhere! Never worry about your project data again. We’ll keep it safe for you.

Analytics makes it easier to get real-time data.

Using LEX-Cloud analytics, you can obtain information about your projects, such as word counts, language pairs, subject matter, and more. Graphs that are easy to understand will help you comprehend these findings more quickly and efficiently.

After finishing a project or before beginning a new one, it’s important to perform data analysis for strategic planning and record management.

Tracking crucial patterns will help your company improve its operations.

Project management on LEX-Cloud is a breeze.

From an automatic quotation system that anyone can check in one minute and a file version self-management system, to automatic AI translation taught by Lexcode, LEX-Cloud is optimized for any localization effort.

Accurate delivery time

When you order your translation through LEX-Cloud, you can rest easy knowing that it will be completed accurately and on time. Your file will be delivered on the day that was agreed upon. No extensions.

Keep track of records and manage file versions.

Request forms, quotations, source files, revisions, translated files, invoices, and more, and never waste your valuable time sorting and juggling all of these.

Seamless in-platform communication

There is no need for follow-up calls or emails. Receive LEX-Cloud progress updates in real time, and easily communicate with your project manager through the platform.

Reduce your long-term translation costs.

Many localization service providers use their clients’ data to train their own engines and increase profits. Instead, LEX-Cloud’s approach is to help clients lower their translation costs by building their own translation engine that will be trained using their own data. As a result, they can accurately translate similar documents in a way that suits their terminologies and branding.

Are you still not convinced?

Since our foundation in 2002, with over 20 years of proven trust and experience, you can rely on the professional translation services of Lexcode's 1,000 local and international linguists and staff members, who work on projects worth more than KRW 10 billion annually.

Get translation with zero friction on LEX-Cloud.

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